The Tasmanian is:

It’s unique beauty, unrivalled in the world
It’s a people unaffected by the hussle and bustle of over-glorified busy
It’s bringing human back
It’s food that has touched the farmer’s hands as it makes its way chemically-free to your plate.
It’s air that recallibrates your DNA. It’s frost on your lawn before the sun kisses it away.
It’s an empty beach
It’s places that have no phone reception.
It’s history and undiscovered treasures.
It’s snow on the mountain
It’s Boags XXX in a can not a stubbie
It’s open fires in Winter
It’s the smell of smoke in the air
It’s patience in a crowd
It’s ‘up the road’ and ‘into town’
It’s your petrol being pumped for you
It’s the wisteria hanging from St David’s park.
It’s fields of poppies
It’s possums on the roof and eating your roses
It’s rain in the weather gauge
It’s a full water tank
It’s hay bales waiting in paddocks
It’s spending the ‘weekend at the shack’
It’s the smell of cut grass
It’s a livestock ‘traffic jam’
It’s the gravel oval
It’s dry in the Midlands
It’s Salamanca on a Saturday
It’s sunburn on a winters’ day
It’s worn out sandstone steps
It’s a hand knitted beanie
It’s organic naturally, not by design
It’s handmade, not bespoke
It’s not as hot as it feels
It’s a poplar-lined stairway to heaven
It’s the gateway to the picnic ground of your soul
It’s where you live, love and travel to
It’s whatever you want it to be….
We have the cleanest air, the greenest grass, the richest soil and a swathe of talented humans sharing their products and photos to the lucky people that find them.